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Vision & Goals

The work with FärgLabbet

  •  We want to create a colorful place that inspires and promotes a "safe" environment with room for imagination and experimentation and where "making mistakes" is seen as a step towards development. A place where activities, workshops, festivals and course activities are made possible.

  •  To become a workplace where 3-6 small business owners in creative professions can find community and be inspired by each other to grow and develop. Business-adapted workplaces and studios with the opportunity to create income-generating projects in collaboration. To offer a Coffice where small businesses with home offices can meet and network and where resources are shared and knowledge is exchanged.

  •  To prepare common spaces and workshops to enable various workshops and arrangements in graphic arts and crafts (eg experimental printing techniques, production of paper, screen printing, bookbinding, etc.) for artists and other creative visitors.

  • To run an original, colorful Bed & Breakfast with a little extra luxury.

  • To create a garden with interactive art installations, flower beds and plantations with experiences for all the senses for both children and adults. 

  • To found the association "Kollektiva FärgLabbet" - a network of creative, creative entrepreneurs with a social commitment and interest in community-related art projects - and processes.

Same passion? Let's work together.

Are you a creative person or creative entrepreneur with a social pathos? Do you want to make a difference with your creation? Are you passionate about all people being able to express themselves through words and images? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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