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The story of


In the old school building on Åmbergshöjden in the center of Sunne, there is today an inspiring meeting place where the searching, creative process is at the center. Our wish is for the house and garden to be filled with people, activities, projects and companies.

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The dream was to create an inspiring and inclusive meeting place for creativity and creativity. The beautiful brick school with its garden, which has been named FärgLabbet, provided the opportunity to make the dream a reality.


FärgLabbet is a place where people can grow and the joy of color spread. Creativity as important building blocks for empathy and problem solving. Here, imagination, play and exploration will be encouraged for children, adults, professionals and amateurs.  At FärgLabbet, courses and workshops are arranged in various techniques - everything from activities for children and young people to skills development for professionals in the field - and the mold area.

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Work Lab & Coffice

Living a sustainable life and being able to support oneself and one's family in the countryside is important to us. At FärgLabbet, there are therefore a number of studios and a work community for small entrepreneurs in various creative professions. For entrepreneurs with a home office, there will also be a Coffice with the opportunity to meet like-minded people over a cup of coffee, work on their laptop or have a meeting with a customer.

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At FärgLabbet in Sunne, we have adopted the UN's global goals as a basis for our sustainability policy. It is important for FärgLabbet's operations to be involved and contribute to the development of a sustainable life for both people and our surroundings and environment. We want to contribute to spreading knowledge, awareness, commitment around this.

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The old days

Many people in Sunne have once been students and have memories of the gym, handicrafts and food at the old Åmberg school. The beautiful red brick house high above Sunne was built as a primary school at the end of the 19th century.

More historical facts will come later.

Vision & Goals

FärgLabbet - an inspiring meeting place where the searching, creative process is at the center and where each person's potential and entrepreneurship are taken advantage of.

ColorLab's value words:

Inclusive • Exploratory • Colorful • Durable • Fun

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